When investing in an air conditioning system, the right type, model and performance play an extremely important role. Air conditioners significantly affect your comfort and health at home. These tips will help you choose the right air conditioner for your space and needs, so that you make the most of your investment.

1. Yield Throughout The Year

All Daikin units cool homes with an energy efficiency of up to A +++, the highest on the market, while keeping the electricity bill low. With our solutions you will enjoy a perfect atmosphere throughout the year in an energy friendly way.

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2. The Correct Performance

When choosing an air conditioning system it is important to determine the required cooling efficiency. A system with very low power provides unsatisfactory results, while a system with more qualifications than required has a stronger air flow than required, resulting in unpleasant comfort. Finding the perfect performance is a balancing act, but your Daikin installer can help you with that.

3. What Suits Your Interior

Every house is unique. With sleek air conditioning and a wide range of models, Daikin offers comfortable and energy-efficient solutions for every room.

Our wall-mounted units  fit perfectly into any interior, offer great comfort and some have been awarded the most prestigious design awards.

Our floor units  fit perfectly under a windowsill or in a room where light is limited.

If you do not want your indoor unit to be visible, you can choose a hidden roof unit . This model is integrated in suspended ceilings or false walls so that only the output grilles are visible.

4. Take Care Of Your Outdoor Unit

When installing an air conditioner with an outdoor unit, many people only pay attention to the indoor unit because it is more visible indoors. But the location of the outdoor unit is probably more important as it can significantly affect the proper functioning of the whole system. The outdoor unit is located in the heart of the air conditioning system, so you should not forget it. Ensure that air inlet and outlet are not obstructed by obstacles or leaves. Take a look at your unit before the start of the summer and winter seasons to ensure optimal operation.

5. Timely Order Of Your Unit

Do not wait for the first hot day to order your air conditioning system. Firstly because you will not be the first to want a quick installation of a unit and the program of authorized installers will be full. Secondly, it takes time for the air conditioner of your choice to be sent to you. The time period between ordering and actual installation can take several weeks. Indicatively, the installation of an air conditioner usually takes one working day for a room. The exact installation time depends on the exact installation conditions.

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