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New Products by Lorentz

Members of our company attended the Head of Loretnz in Hamburg, Germany for the three-day presentation of new and upgraded products ( PS2 & PSK2 Hybrid Controls ).


Who is Lorentz: Lorentz are the pioneers for over 20 years in photovoltaic water pumps. The Lorentz technology uses solar energy for water pumping for maintaining and enhancing life for millions of people, their animals and their crops worldwide. This is why their motto is

‘’Sun – Water – Life ‘’


PS2 Control : the PS2 Control is the new and upgraded version of the previous control that we all know. The new PS2 Control is very simple and easy to install and now they have the method of Bluetooth with which the consumer can monitor the operation of the Control via Bluetooth and to make the necessary arrangements so that the installation can become more efficient on the basis of needs. They may also monitor the operation of the installation via the Internet thanks to the new Lorentz Monitoring control. The PS2 Control can operate and during the night time by using Electricity by Network (EAC) by installing the AC Power Pack Control.



PSK2 Control Hybrid: The PSK2 Control Hybrid is the brand new control of Loretnz. The PSK2 Control Hybrid can combine the power from the Network ( EAC ) and from generator, but always with core the Solar Energy. With the method of Bluetooth, consumer can monitor the operation of the Control via Bluetooth and to make the necessary arrangements so that the installation can be more efficient on the basis of needs. In case of night or reduced solar energy, the PSK2 control can complete the required energy needed by the system through the network (EAC) or generator buy it self, therefore also called Hybrid

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Energy Saving Exhibition «SAVENERGY 2016»

The Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) announces the organisation of the 12th Mechanical Installation, Energy Saving Exhibition «SAVENERGY 2016» which will take place at the Cyprus International Fair grounds (EXPO) in Nicosia between the 30th of September and the 2nd of October 2016.
You are welcome to visit our booth No. 622 for more info and Special Rates.

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renewable energy

Renewable Energy – Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid inverter is a new generation of inverter exclusively for solar applications using renewable energy for home consumption, notably for solar photovoltaic installations.

An ordinary solar inverter’s main job is to convert DC power generated from the array into usable AC power. Hybrid inverters go a step further. The function of a Hybrid inverter is allowing selection and orientation of renewable energy, energy from the grid and energy storage based on consumption. This type of system solves issues renewable energy alterability and untrustworthy grid structures.

This system also allows choosing whether electricity from photovoltaic panels should be stored or consumed through an internal intelligent apparatus control unit. This is possible through a technique that adds different energy sources (on-grid) and the administration of stored electricity in the battery (off grid technology). Hybrid inverters consequently operate on grid (grid-tie) as well as off-grid, hybrid (both on-grid and off-grid at the same time) and Backup in case of a black out.

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Solar Pump

Solar Swimming Pool Pumps

A Solar powered pool pump reduces your pool pumping cost completely from your household electricity bill. The DC pool pump and controller is added to your filtration system and a solar panel system to your roof so your pool pumping became a zero cost powered by the sun! During the summer swimming season, your pool requires more pumping and naturally with more hours of sunlight, your solar pump will put in the work needed to keep your pool in a good condition. The system is so efficient that it will continue to run even on partially cloudy days.

Moreover A/C pump is available for backup, if you still need more pumping power or need to run your pump at night, simply turn on the pump already installed on your pool for extra hours.

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Solar Panels in Cyprus

Solar Panels Cyprus

Cyprus is the European country with the most sunshine all year round and this is exactly the reason why Solar panels are probably the best investment nowadays, offering a quick return on the original investment.

The sun is probably the only energy that someone can invest in without any operational and with minimum maintenance cost.

Solar panels take their name “Solar“ due to the fact that they are using light available from the sun which is then used to produce electricity. They are also known as “photovoltaic” meaning “light – electricity”.

The Solar panel is an area of multitudes of small solar cells. The methodology behind a solar panel is simple: the more light that a cell gets, the more electricity is produced, and drops down to no electricity when there is no sunshine.

Nowadays solar panels in Cyprus provide 13% of the total needs for electricity of the Island. They are used in various ways, including but not limited to:

1) Autonomous system with batteries to store electricity, for swimming pool circulation of the pool water and for irrigation / agricultural purposes using zero electricity.

2) Connected to the grid, where the production of electricity is paid to the producer on a pre-agreed tariff.

3) NETT metering where the production is subtracted from the electricity bill at the end of each month.

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