Electricity produced by photovoltaic systems is pure – green energy. Because they do not use fuel other than sun rays, Photovoltaic systems do not loosen any dangerous air or water pollution into the environment or destroy natural resources. They produce energy supplied by nature it is thus free and endless!

Photovoltaic systems can operate reliably for long periods of time with almost no maintenance. Small photovoltaic systems can take place of unused space on rooftops of existing buildings.

At Z&X Mechanical Installations Ltd we provide you with free study for your perfect photovoltaic system at the best oriented position at your rooftop or in a field. We have proudly been installing solar thermal and photovoltaic systems for over 7 years and this experience is reflected by our ability of completion and licensing photovoltaic systems.

Our mission is to give you the chance to see the future technology through our excellent and high quality services at competitive prices.

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