Almyra Hotel – Replacement Of Oil Boiler Burner

Almyra is a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a holiday ‘less ordinary’: a chilled-chic design hotel flavoured with a splash of humour, a pinch of playfulness and a healthy dose of soul. With two in-sync experiences catering equally to on-style couples and fun-loving families, it’s all about carefree Mediterranean living with a cool, contemporary twist.
One of the chicest and sleekest hotels in the Mediterranean, Almyra underwent an extensive 3-month renovation in 2020. The hotel, which occupies eight acres of beautifully landscaped gardens at the heart of Paphos’ seafront, revealed its multi-million Euro refurbishment to great acclaim in March 2020.

Z&X Mechanical Installations, with over 30 years experience in the field and a strong reputation, was proudly appointed as the mechanical engineering company to undertake, supply, install and complete all works from scratch consisting of: piping, electrical controls,commissioning and operation. The new boiler will be used for domestic hot water and swimming pool heating with 99% efficiency of  creating more energy and saving money. 

Replacing your old oil boiler with a powerful electric boiler is a wise choice for your home/ hotel, and will help improve your heating system and save money in the long term. 

Why change oil boiler by an electric boiler?

If you have an ageing oil boiler, it may be time to replace it with a more efficient electric boiler , together with the installation of a PV PARK . Replacing the original burner with a high-efficiency modern system can result in fuel savings ranging from 5% to 40%. There are several reasons to make this choice:

The electric boiler does not require maintenance.

Oil heating requires the installation and maintenance of the tank, not to mention the transport and delivery of fuel to the house. Electric heating is not subject to any obligation of maintenance and electricity is a local resource and accessible to all.

 Choose a new generation product to save energy.

The ageing oil boilers are very energy-intensive and money consuming. If your boiler is old, the choice of a newer one is advantageous over the long term – you will indeed have a powerful and durable boiler, which will consume less energy than your old appliance.

Having a healthy and ecological product.

Unlike oil, electric heating is not polluting and has no combustion, no CO2 and CO. In addition, electricity provides the opportunity to install renewable energy generation equipment, such as photovoltaic solar panels.

The easiest choice.

Unlike electricity, domestic fuel is a fuel that requires storage space and must be ordered upstream. In addition, its price is subject to big variations from one period to another (production of OPEC countries, oil price, international situation, etc.), and must, therefore, be regularly monitored. With electric power, you only pay for what you consume, and its cost is not subject to large variations.

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