Ambiance Restaurant And Cocktail Bar Paphos

Many of us are drawn to Paphos old town to socialise, as it is now a wonderful place to enjoy a stroll along the newly renovated streets or visit one of the bars, restaurants or cafés that are popping up on almost every corner. 

Z&X Mechanical Installations, with over 30 years experience in the field and a strong reputation, was proudly appointed as the mechanical engineering company to undertake, supply, install and complete all below works from scratch consisting of. 

AC split units were installed for space air conditioning and heating.

A complete plumbing system is installed consisting:

(a) pex pipe in pipe piping and manifolds for the piping of all the sanitary fittings for both the hot and cold water as well as the drinking water .

(b) a complete sewage system consists of all the pvc plastic piping for all the sanitary fittings to the fist outside manhole.

(c) connection of all the sanitary fittings to the plumbing and sewage piping and installation of all the accessories.

(d) an inverter pressure pump system is installed to provide high water pressure to all the sanitary fittings, saving water as well as energy.

(e) a water softener is installed for the production of soft water, avoiding building up of scale, saving energy and giving long life to all mixers, kitchen equipment and sanitary fittings.

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