Cap St. George Hotel – Plumbing Fittings Installation – Bedrooms

Under the warm sun and with the magnificent Mediterranean blue all around, Cap St. Georges is the luxurious retreat for eclectic travelers. This is the place to enjoy stunning sunsets, unparalleled levels of service, much-wanted privacy and certainly a unique destination. A luxurious community on an idyllic location, a Mediterranean place to relax, a private space in which one can enjoy great food and stunning views, all while having first-class security and concierge services.

Z&X Mechanical Installations, with over 30 years experience in the field and a strong reputation, was proudly appointed as the mechanical engineering company to undertake, supply, install and complete all below works from scratch. 

The plumbing fittings installations in each bedroom are installed once the rooms are almost completed and secured and consist of:

Two wash hand basins

One free standing bath

One toilet

One shower

1. Basins

The basins are installed on a marble top and the tap mixers are recessed in the walls leaving only the sout and the handle visible.

2. Free Standing Bath

The baths are free standing with floor mixers installed next to the bath.

3. Toilets

The toilets are mounted on the floor and the cisterns are built into the walls with only the push buttons visible.

4. Shower

The showers are marble finished (walls and floors), with strip floor drain.

The mixers are recessed into the walls once again with only the spouts and handles visible.

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