Cap St. George Hotel – Storm Water Drainage

Mechanical engineering cyprus

Under the warm sun and with the magnificent Mediterranean blue all around, Cap St. Georges is the luxurious retreat for eclectic travelers. This is the place to enjoy stunning sunsets, unparalleled levels of service, much-wanted privacy and certainly a unique destination. A luxurious community on an idyllic location, a Mediterranean place to relax, a private space in which one can enjoy great food and stunning views, all while having first-class security and concierge services.

Z&X Mechanical Installations, with over 30 years experience in the field and a strong reputation, was proudly appointed as the mechanical engineering company to undertake, supply, install and complete all below works from scratch. 

Hotel storm water drainage consists of the following:

Internal networks of UPVC pipes

External networks of underground UPVC pipes


1. Internal Network of UPVC pipes

These pipes are either hanging from ceilings vertical on walls, or within floor screeds. The various sections are connected to form a network, with a gradient on horizontal pipes to ensure flow of the water in the direction required. There are several networks, each directing the storm water to a separate exit point into the external networks of UPVC pipes.

Pipe network within floor screeds guiding storm water to pipes below within ceiling.

Vertical and horizontal network of pipes guiding storm water to below where it connects to a network within the ceiling.

Pipes within ceiling with gradient receiving water from above and guiding it to exit points.

Exit point for pipes within the ceiling to external network.

2. External networks of pipes

These pipes guide storm water from the exit points of the internal networks to the main concrete pipeline towards the sea.

Mechanical engineering cyprus

Exit points from within connected to external network of underground pipes.

Mechanical engineering cyprus

Large diameter underground external pipe guiding storm water to manholes of main concrete pipeline to the sea.

3. Main concrete pipeline guiding storm water to the sea

Mechanical engineering cyprus

The main concrete pipeline guiding storm water to the sea is connected through a series of manholes where there are direction changes, level changes, and where required for external networks to connect to the main concrete pipeline.

Mechanical engineering cyprus

Examples of concrete manholes on main concrete pipelines for direction changes, and entry of external pipe networks onto main concrete pipeline.

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