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Cyprus Workers’ Confederation (SEK) is an independent trade union and represents workers in the private sector, government blue-collar workers, workers in semi-governmental utility organisations, as well as local authority workers. Affiliated to SEK are seven branch Federations, organising workers in all sectors of the economy. SEK has five Labour Centres in the main cities of Cyprus, representing the Confederation in the districts.

One of our completed projects are the offices of SEK in Paphos, and the description of the works completed are below:

( A ) A Central Ventilation / cooling heating  system is installed to provide  space heating for the conference area and auditorium.

The  system is consists of : a) 250 Kw Hitachi Heat pump chiller, with 3 Roccheggiani AHU’S with insulated ducting, grills and plenums as well as  pumps & controls.  

( B ) A hot water system is installed to provide domestic hot water. The system consists of Electric direct hot water heaters (3Kw / 10L) installed in each wet area.

( C ) (a) A smart VRV system is installed for the space air conditioning and heating of the building. The system consists of (a) 6 air cooled DAIKIN Outdoor units and 50 Indoor units (Round flow cassettes) for the 2nd and 3rd floor offices.(b) 7 water cooled DAIKIN Outdoor units, 39 Geothermal wells (100m / with Ø32mm probe and grouting), pumps, controls and plant room fittings, and 45 Indoor units (Round flow cassettes) for Shops, reception, cafeteria and 1st floor offices.  

The main benefit of the air and Water cooled cooled VRV system from the split unit type air conditioning is the efficiency (20 to 30 % higher for air cooled and 40 to 50% for water cooled), the less number of outdoor units and the ability to install the outdoor units much longer distance from the indoors.

( D ) A complete plumbing system is installed consisting of : (a)  Central pipes (PPR-80) and final piping for both offices and shops in Pipe in Pipe PEX-C. (b) a complete sewage system consists of all the  plastic piping (PPR 3 LAYER) for all the sanitary fittings to the first outside manhole. (c) Connection of all the sanitary fittings to the plumbing and sewage piping and installation of all the accessories. (d) 1 pressure pump system for the office and common W.C’S  is  installed  to provide high water pressure to all the sanitary fittings, saving water as well as energy  (e) Pump stations in basement for both waste water and Rain water.

( E ) Ventilation of  the main office area (common area) with  5 DAIKIN  HRV (Heat Recovery) unit with ducting and grills which provide recirculation of air conditioned air in conjunction with the VRV system, saving up to 30% on energy costs. Ventilation of W.C. areas with  box fans (Exhaust) with ducting and grills.

( F ) Fire fighting system consisting of 10 fire hose reels in cabinets ( with extinguishers)   located throughout the building, with Grundfos fire booster and 5000L water tank. A provision for wet riser is provide in the basement parking system.

mechanical installations paphosmechanical installations paphosmechanical installations paphosmechanical installations paphos

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