One of the frustrations of off-grid systems is that the extra energy in the summer months can’t be stored for the winter.  Batteries typically store energy for only 3-5 days.  When the batteries are full there is no way to store the extra energy.  With net metering, you are feeding back your power over the summer and you get credited for it in the winter. Annual net metering rolls over a net kilowatt credit to the next month, allowing solar power that was produced in July to be used in December.

It encourages consumers to play an active role in alternative energy production, which both protects the environment and helps preserve natural energy resources. A net metering system gives you the advantages of producing your own clean renewable energy without concern maintenance hassles and with very durable components which has long life.

Net metering also allows small systems to result in zero annual net cost to the consumer provided that the consumer is able to shift demand loads to a lower price time, such as by chilling water at a low cost time for later use in air conditioning.

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