Perfectly coordinated system solutions form the basis for handling demanding tasks in the installation of heating. The trouble-free connection of the pipes and the patented laying technique is therefore always the number one choice for all demanding applications. A perfect result is guaranteed, whether it is construction projects of family houses, apartments, offices or industrial buildings.

The demand for high-quality living spaces in both existing and new buildings is increasing all the time,and with it the expectation of state of- the-art temperature control. Whether it be for residential building, office and business construction, industrial and sports halls or open spaces – what was an exception to the rule yesterday has now become expected: usage-optimised heating and cooling systems that continually keep pace with individual requirements. It is therefore hardly surprisingthat the majority of planners and building owners looking for modern and advanced system solutions are now choosing radiant heating and cooling systems. The retrofitting of radiant heating and coolingsystems is also gaining in popularity.

The many innovations introduced by Roth over the years have made a significant contribution to this development. In addition to user comfort and freedom of architectural design, the decisive criteriain the selection of a radiant heating and cooling system are energy savings, hygiene and environmental protection.

An optimal room temperature profile with precisely adjustable dosing makes the performance capability of Roth radiant heating and cooling systems readily perceptible – day in, day out. Equally, negative impacts on room temperature (such as those caused by swirling air, draughts or heat accumulation) are a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, their march of temperature characteristicscorresponds almost precisely to ideal heating (see graph).

Experts know: the larger the heatradiating surface, the more effective and economical the room heating will be. In comparison with conventional radiators, the ideal room temperature with a radiant heating system is 1 ºC to 2 ºC lower. The resulting energy savings of 6 to 12 % speak for themselves, as do the lower system and flow temperatures. These systems are also extremely well suited for use in conjunction with equipmentthat produces renewable energy, such as Roth solar panels. Additional plus points are also to be found from the point of view of hygiene: the dryness of the heat deprives bacteria and dust mites of themoisture they need for survival.

Roth Original Tacker® System… proving its worth in millions of new buildings

Roth Original Tacker® System – for solutions that retain their value A system solution whose components are designed to work together in perfect harmony provides the basis for mastering sophisticated heating construction tasks.

The Roth Original Tacker® System (which has proven its worth a million times over) used in conjunction with Roth DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ system pipes provides the ideal foundation for creating a heating supply system that will retain its value in the long term. The friction-free interlocking comprehensive connection of pipe and patented pipe laying technique is therefore always the first choice for the entire array of sophisticated applications. Perfection in the result, whether it is for residential, office or industrial construction projects.Three system steps to perfection The high-quality ex-works prefabrication of all system components – pipe, composite panel and accessories – makes it possible: the complete Roth radiant heating and cooling system is laid in only three work steps using the patented Tacker technique. Of course, everything is in accordance with a precise computer calculation and taking into account all valid regulations.

Roth radiant heating and cooling – comfort can be so simple Fase of assembly with a high degree of flexibility, paired with operational and building site safety and superior efficiency, characterise Roth radiant heating and cooling systems – even with unusual floor plans. The Roth Original Tacker® System makes assembly really simple and enables pipes to be positioned to the centimetre, with a view to achieving optimum heat distribution and cooling, even in the most difficult installation situations.

The underfloor constructions of Roth radiant heating and cooling systems conform to DIN EN 1264 (“Waterbased floor heating”), taking into account DIN 18560 (“Floor screeds in building construction”), DIN 4109 (“Sound insulation in buildings”) and the Energieeinsparverordnung (Energy Savings Regulation [EnEV]). The consistently high quality standards of the individual components and of the overall system are documented by a large number of marks of testing, monitoring and quality. System composite panel for radiant heating and cooling systems Simple, fast, in compliance with standards: system composite panels made of polystyrene particle foam. An excellent choice for heat and sound insulation. They provide a self-enclosed space at the blink of an eye during the pipe laying stage. This makes it possible to have a two-sided, self-adhesive overlap that is 30 mm wide. A secure closure against damp and screed (in accordance with DIN 18560) prevents sound and thermal bridges from forming. In addition, animprinted grid makes it easier to put the system pipes exactly in place in accordance with precisely calculated laying distances. A strong solution for high stresses The Roth EPS 30 SE 26 mm systemcomposite panel comes into play wherever traffic loads are high (in car showrooms, for example).

This composite panel or panel combination can be utilised under an appropriately coordinated screed construction with maximum traffic loads of up to 35 kN/m2. The Roth range of products also includesadditional insulation panels made of EPS or PU, which may be needed depending on the thermal insulation requirements of the application in question

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