Take advantage of the subsidy for the installation of a Photovoltaic System Net Metering with a subsidy of € 250 / kW with a maximum amount of € 1000!

The implementation period is until 20/12/2021 or until the available budget is used up, whichever comes first.

The amount increases to € 750 per installed kW of photovoltaic, for the homes of vulnerable consumers, with a maximum sponsorship amount of € 3,750.



The sponsorship plans implemented by the Foundation in 2020 mainly focused on encouraging citizens to use renewable energy sources and saving energy in homes and businesses. Globally, the program aims to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint and help families in need.

Following the announcements made by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Ms. Natasa Pileidou in order to address the price increases in electricity and for the purpose of more complete information of the interested parties, the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry and the RES Fund Management Committee Ex.E., announce that the re-announcement of the “Sponsorship Plan to encourage the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving in homes” is planned in 2022.

The intention of the Ministry is for the new plan to be announced retroactively, in a way that ensures the smooth continuation of the existing plan of 2021, for which the submission of applications ends on 20/12/2021.

It is reminded that the plan is financed by the RES and EXE Fund and covers thermal insulation works of ceilings or installation of photovoltaic system with the method of net-metering in existing homes, as well as a combination of the above.

The announcement of the intention for re-announcement of the plan is made without prejudice to the voting of the budget of the RES and EXE Fund for the year 2022 and the existence of the available credits. 

It is understood that, during the re-announcement of the plan, there may be changes in both the provisions of the plan & procedure and the required application forms.



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