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Solar-generated electricity produces no greenhouse gases or emissions of any kind. Solar energy is a rapidly growing form of electricity generation. There are numerous advantages to using the sun to produce electricity

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For power generation through photovoltaic primarily only two inexhaustible raw materials are needed : sun and sand. The fuel—sunlight—cannot be embargoed. We are not expecting any conflicts about these resources . It promotes security and energy independence. Solar energy does not require import of fuels.
It has fewer environmental impacts than electricity generation with fossil fuel or nuclear power plants. No mining or transportation of fossil fuels are required to generate electricity with the sun. Photovoltaic systems produce electricity without pollution. When operating no waste products are generated.
PV is a source of peak power. Electricity has the biggest value when it is produced at the times of high demand. PV Power plants deliver electricity on daytime, when people work and factories and offices need electricity.

PV is a good combination with Wind Energy. Windpower plants produce most in winter times and in bad weather conditions. PV produces electricity in the summer, when wind plants are often not producing.
Because solar energy is available everywhere , this may make a very good contribution to economic development in less developed areas.

photovoltaic systems cyprus

Also for small businesses and individual consumers photovoltaics can represent an economic advantage. When producing electricity on their own roofs , the possibity of cost advantages compared to electricity purchases from the grid appear and make the usage of photovoltaic meaningful.
A few years ago, the electricity production had enjoyed a monopoly almost exclusively in the hands of corporations , who were also operators of transmission networks. Electricity was almost exclusively produced by large scale central power plants .
Today, 15-20% of the electricity is produced locally from renewable sources in a number of European countries. Solar energy contributes significantly in addition to wind energy.