Although it’s not cold outside yet, it will soon be. The biggest mistake you can make right now is to wait until the autumn sets in to find out if your HVAC system is functioning properly. Don’t do that!

An HVAC unit works throughout the year, maintaining a cozy temperature indoors during summer and winter. It becomes necessary to perform proper maintenance on your HVAC system at regular intervals. The last thing you want in September is your HVAC system to break down and leave you shuddering with cold. Avoid problems with your unit this autumn and winter by taking these precautions to ensure a properly operating system.

Clear The Debris

Outdoor elements of an HVAC unit takes the full-brunt of elements. Each summer, they get covered with grime, leaves, pollen, and twigs and obstruct the flow of air to the interior of your HVAC system. Clear all of that debris from your units in September.

Change The Air Filter

Temperatures can easily cross 30 degrees during Paphos summers. It is the season when HVACs run almost non-stop, and air filters get the dirtiest; making their replacement necessary before the onset of autumn. A dirty air filter obstructs air flow, causes your furnace to work harder, and costs you more money.

Inspect Insulation

In a perfect world, your system’s insulation functions properly throughout the year. But real life has this nasty habit of coming in the way. If your energy bills were higher than usual during summer, it’s high time you speak to a technician or perform an insulation check yourself.

Ensure The Unit Is Level

Summers don’t change landscapes, but they damage the pads on which your HVAC unit rests. After a season of high day temperatures, your system may not be on level ground; causing non-uniform lubrication in the compressor and eventually burning it out. Repairs are costly. Either ensure yourself that your unit is level or hire an HVAC contractor for the job.

Schedule A Preventative Maintenance

If you live in Paphos, the end of summer and beginning of autumn is the perfect time to call an HVAC contractor. An inspection by an experienced technician will ensure that your furnace is ready for the cold months. It will also prevent unpleasant breakdowns between September and April.

Transitioning from summer to autumn means taking care of your HVAC maintenance tasks. Putting off regular maintenance by an experienced HVAC contractor now may lead to ugly and uncomfortable surprises during the cold months.

Prevent avoidable problems. Call at +357 26945222 and schedule a pre-autumn HVAC maintenance for a cozy, warm autumn and winter.

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