Advanced Imaging Medical (AIM) Diagnostic Center

The AIM Diagnostic center has started its operation in Paphos and is a true gem and jewel for the Health sector in Cyprus.

The state-of-the-art center, which is located on Demokratia Avenue and Florinis Street in Paphos (a short walk from Stelios Kyriakides Stadium), was designed exclusively to be a radiodiagnostic center, from the beginning to the end. The Center is equipped with Technology and machines that make it the best of its kind in Cyprus and one of the few in Europe. In addition to the latest radiodiagnostic machines, magnetic and axial tomographs, ultrasound and other cutting edge for the new AIM Diagnostic Center is its human resources. A team of specialised health professionals who are ready to serve you in the most humane way.

It also has an important innovation unique in Cyprus and one of the few in Europe in the Magnetic Tomograph. This specific tomograph model is spacious, having a painted tunnel that offers a more pleasant experience to the patient, while in the Magnetic Tomograph area there is a specially designed window, the only one in Cyprus, which allows natural light to enter the room to combat claustrophobia.

Z&X Mechanical Installations completed all the mechanical installations of the diagnostic clinic, which included:

*All the sewage and planning work and the installation of all sanitary fittings.

*Space cooling and heating with high efficiency.

*VRV system and cooling of the MRI machine by installing a high efficiency Daikin chiller.

*Installation of 20KW photovoltaics to cover the energy needs of the clinic. 

What is the AIM Diagnostic Center ?

AIM Diagnostic Center is a modern private diagnostic center that participates in GESY and aims to offer all visitors a high level of diagnostic tests. It is located at a key geographical point in the province of Paphos, offering quick and direct access via the main bypass road from the city as well as from all other cities via the national highway.

The AIM Diagnostic Center came to fill the gap presented in the field of diagnostic tests, offering the whole range of machine tests: Magnetic Tomography (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, Digital X-rays, Digital Mammograms – 3D, Bone Density Examinations /Osteoporosis (DEXA) and Panoramic X-rays, always ensuring optimal quality.

Magnetic tomograph with many advantages

Magnetic Tomography is a diagnostic scanning technique that uses a strong wave and radio frequency field. During the examination, several images (sections) of the anatomical area being examined are taken, allowing the doctor to have a detailed picture. The examinee is not exposed to ionizing radiation at all, which makes the examination the first choice for pregnant women and small children.

The AIM Diagnostic Center has the top model Siemens Avanto 18-channel Magnetic Tomograph which comes with the necessary multi-channel coils for conducting Magnetic Tomography examinations. It is a spacious model with a painted tunnel that offers a more pleasant experience to the patient.

In the MRI room there is a specially designed window, the only one in Cyprus, which allows natural light to enter the room to combat claustrophobia.

The center fully covers all MRI applications.

Classic MRI applications: brain, neck, chest, upper and lower abdomen, spine, joints, bones and soft tissues.

Special applications:

Brain Magnetic Angiography and Brain Spectroscopy (MR Spectroscopy)

Magnetic urography

Magnetic Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)

Magnetic Mammography

Prostate MRI

Magnetic Enterography

Cardiac MRI

Magnetic Tomography for the measurement of fat fraction and degree of steatosis of the liver

Designed exclusively for diagnostic radiology center

The AIM Diagnostic Center has the most modern facilities as it is the only center in Cyprus that was built from scratch with the necessary specifications of a radiodiagnostic center , offering a pleasant experience for visitors and staff.

The AIM Diagnostic Center is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, radiographer technologists with experience in all machines and experienced reception staff who are able to guide and answer questions about exam preparation and procedure.

The center is staffed with experienced medical radiologists who can offer high quality services while respecting each visitor. The AIM Diagnostic Center aims to provide professional and immediate service to the public in appointment requests for all tests and above all in the immediate receipt of results.

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