The amount of cooling or heating required by an air conditioning unit varies depending on the external temperature and the amount of heat in the room. When the inverter air conditioning is switched on, the compressor operates at a high speed in order to cool or heat the room quickly. On the other hand when normal temperature is modest, the compressor slows down maintaining a constant temperature and saving energy.

However in non-inverter air conditioners, there is no way of controlling the compressor. It operates either at maximum capacity or none at all, causing unnecessary energy consumption.

When compared to non-inverter air conditioner, inverter air conditioners are much friendlier to the environment. Any sudden fluctuation in the room temperature will be sensed and instantly adapted to bring the room temperature back to set temperature. As soon as the room temperature reaches the set temperature, compressor slows down, thereby maintaining a constant temperature. This highly helps to save energy. Inverter air conditioners need between 30-50% less electricity to operate than non-inverter air conditioners.

The only demerit of inverter air conditioners is the huge price. The price is justified because an inverter air conditioning can reduce your energy bill than non-inverter air conditioner. It will be worth paying more for an inverter air conditioning if you use it for all year around or used for heating.