If you have a pool, you are probably already planning your next pool party. After all, who doesn’t love a great pool party? In fact, friends and family may be waiting for an invitation to enjoy your beautiful pool. The problem lies in the aftermath – parties can wreak havoc on your swimming pool. If a pool party is on your summer schedule this year, consider some tips for cleaning up the mess after.

Throw a pool party! But use these tips to clean it up afterward:

Test the water

After a party, test the pH of your pool’s water before taking a swim to determine if you need to add chemicals or not. Ask your pool retailer about purchasing testing kits and supplies. Also, it does make sense to plan on shocking or super-chlorinating your pool before and after to ensure your guest’s a great experience. Just remember to allow ample time for the chlorine to settle before allowing anyone to get in the water. This will cut down on any algae growth that can impede the sheer beauty of your swimming pool, but more on shocking your pool later!

Run the pump

If you want to cut down considerably on the time you will spend cleaning your pool later implement a garden hose near the pool. The mere act of hosing off feet before entering the pool can save significantly on the dirt, debris, and foliage that finds its way into the water. This is such a simple act, and typically, quite easy to do. Create a little foot cleaning station near the pool and encourage guests to use it. You will be so glad that you did!

Give it a brush

Brushing the sides of your pool removes any algae, dirt, or debris that could be clinging to the walls and surfaces of your swimming pool. This is a task that you should do every day during peak swim season if only to remove the potential for algae to bloom along the walls. Nobody wants to take a swim in a pool with slippery green algae growing in it!

Think about food & drink

Naturally, there will be food and drink at a party. Know that food and drink do present issues and challenges around your pool, particularly when it comes to keeping it out of the water. Don’t hesitate to set limits or boundaries when it comes to food and drink near the pool. For instance, never use glass bottles or drinkware that could potentially break and cause serious injury. Also, offer stations near seating for food and drink that will encourage guests to enjoy refreshments there- rather than dragging them back to the water. Of course, rules are often made to be broken and you may find yourself fishing food and debris from the pool. Grab a net and skim the water a bit- it will be fine!

Shock your pool

Shocking the water in your swimming pool is a good way to ensure all the bacteria and contaminants are removed before you and your loved ones get in. After you have removed larger debris, like grass, dirt, and leaves, shock the water to get it clean after hosting others for a swim. It makes sense to shock the water ahead of your party to provide your guests with the cleanest, crystal clear water possible, but make sure to allow ample time after chlorinating before your guests will swim.

Clean & clear the pool area

Before and after your party, plan on clearing and cleaning the pool deck and surrounding area. Mow any grass and reposition potted plants or trees to open up and expand your pool area. Get rid of toys, yard art, or other items that could be obstacles or hazards when you have guests. Also, hose down decks and patios, taking care to scrub away algae if needed. Algae can make these surfaces slick and could potentially cause a fall. After the party, take care to clean and sanitize the furniture and pool toys to get them ready for the next time. It is just another step that pool owners can take to preserve a pristine pool area and greenspace.

Welcome your party guests

Take time to prepare and welcome guests with items that actually make your work a little easier when they leave. For instance, plant a basket of flip-flops near the entrance to your pool area. Guests that wear these instead of going barefoot will drag less debris in your pool or in your home. Consider gifting cute plastic water bottles or cups for refreshments that will be used in lieu of more problematic glass or aluminum alternatives.

Pool Party

Call the pool professionals

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