If you are about to become a pool owner or you already have a pool, you will appreciate that you invest your time, money and heart into making the pool of your dreams come to life, so it’s important to remember that just because it is not summer yet, the fun times in your backyard don’t have to end.

There’s no need to desert your pool and outdoor entertaining space just because the cooler months are here. In fact, there’s lots you can do to enhance your poolside area and transform it into a place that is just as usable and enjoyable in winter as it is in summer.

By thinking about ways to add entertainment, comfort and functionality to your pool area, you will be able to create the ultimate winter wonderland for you and your family, with your pool being the center point of the fun. Another positive is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get more time around your pool – there are some effective and affordable ways to create quality family time in the comfort and privacy of your yard. In this blog, we share some top tips on how to turn your pool area into a winter wonderland.

Pool Area Furnishings

Most of us are staying home a lot more lately, so it’s not surprising we are using heating appliances a lot more to keep us warm! To avoid the air – conditioning being on all day, grab some dedicated outdoor blankets and go outside to your pool area. On a sunny day, get the family together for a picnic lunch, and make sure everyone has a blanket available to them! Keep in mind that even though it’s not summer, you should still ensure your family wears sunscreen in the daytime! Apply some 30 minutes before you head outside and put on a hat or beanie if you can, to keep your head protected from the sun’s rays.

If you are looking for an extra warmth, and some heating that will allow you to be outside in the evening, consider getting a fire pit. They do a fantastic job of keeping you warm and look incredible in a poolside space. Sitting around a firepit can be a great way to chat with family and friends well into the evening. Prepare some hot chocolate for everyone and it won’t matter how cold the evening is – you will have the perfect, warm get – together destination in your backyard!

Movie night with the family doesn’t have to be in the house, either. Set up a family – sized tent in the backyard and have the devices and snacks on hand! You will keep dry and warm inside your tent, and if you wake in time to see the sunrise over your pool, you will have an extra great morning!

Upgrading Your Entertaining Area

Another great way to encourage more time in your backyard in winter, is by using your barbeque. After a sleepover in your family tent, you can wake to see your pool glistening in the sun and have a delicious barbequed breakfast together! What better way to start the day?

With social restrictions easing, you will probably be more keen than ever to have friends over for dinner. Your pool will be a conversation point for your visitors, so consider using your backyard as the venue for your dinner party. There are many benefits to having dinner parties outside in winter – namely, you avoid the summer sun and intense heat, so you will all feel a lot more comfortable! Also, having your dinner party outside means less footprints inside, and less cleaning is always a bonus!

Don’t worry if your outdoor entertaining area isn’t ready for guests just yet – there are many simple ways you can update the space in no time at all.

The non – negotiable is seating. Ensure you have enough seating and space at the table to accommodate all your guests. Once you have got that sorted, you can decide on a theme for your outdoor entertaining area, which will be present in the soft furnishings you add, like cushions, throw rugs, vases and dinner sets. You might be a fan of the Hamptons look, or perhaps you prefer dark and moody vibes? Is earthy and natural more your style, or is minimalism the look you want? For inspiration on the theme that will suit you and your lifestyle best, look online for pictures of outdoor entertaining areas you like, and note the colors and furnishings used. You don’t even have to go with one particular theme – you could use your favorite colors as the basis of your furnishings.

Once you have found the theme or style you want, you can then introduce furnishings that suit that theme. For instance, if you have decided on a Hamptons theme, you could opt for white linen chair covers, blue and white – toned cushions, and a taupe – coloured throw rug. Weather – resistant outdoor cushions and fabrics are available, and you should always go for those instead of furnishings designed for the indoors, as weather – resistant outdoor products are designed to endure wet weather which could rot regular fabric.

From there, you can add some wintry touches to the entertaining area. Snowflake lights make for a beautiful addition to an alfresco in winter – time, and with outdoor blankets and even an outdoor heater, you will have an outdoor entertaining space perfect for lounging in well into the evening. For extra wintry ambience, you can turn on your pool lights if you have them. The lighting will help to brighten up your backyard and will be great for dinner parties.

Games and Activities

While swimming in your pool might not be an option in winter, you certainly don’t have to give up using it in the cooler months. With outdoor activities for the family still being fairly limited due to social restrictions, it’s good to know you can still have a great family day in your backyard.

You can involve your pool in various games and activities, so the kids will be entertained all day long. Here are a couple of our favorite games:

  • Boat races – you can use plastic or remote – controlled boats to create the ultimate boat race. Whose boat will make it to the other side first?
  • Pool fishing – no need for fancy fishing rods – stick with basic plastic ones. In fact, you can find child – friendly fishing packs with small plastic fishing rods and floating objects like rubber ducks. The aim is to pick up as many of the floating objects as possible. Set a time limit to make the game more competitive, and the person who fishes the most out of the pool within the allocated time, wins!

There are also many games you can play close to your pool. Find somewhere level and safe in your backyard where you can set up giant chess or checkers, or even a giant Twister game. For entertainment on a larger scale, set up an outdoor projector in your backyard. With an outdoor projector, you can watch movies outside as a family, and you can always continue the fun with a sleepover in a tent!

Pool Heating

If extending your swimming season would be useful for you, you might want to think about investing in pool heating. With pool heating in place, the cooler weather will be less of an issue, as you will get to swim in comfortable water.

Swimming in warm water helps to get you moving on a chilly day and helps to soothe your muscles after a long day. Pool heating is especially useful for those who intend to swim regularly, even as it gets cooler outside.

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