Has your area been hit by a heavy downpour lately? Has it made you wonder how it could affect your lovely new fiberglass pool?

If not dealt with quickly, lots of rain in and around your pool can indeed have a negative effect. It’s true that lots of rainfall can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to maintaining your pool, but it’s nevertheless necessary to take certain steps to look after your pool to get it back to optimal condition after significant wet weather.

Take note of the following recommendations so that the next time heavy rain arrives at your place, your pool can be back to sparkling condition ASAP, and you can once more focus on making memories in it.

Dealing with an Overflow

Depending on your pool’s type of filter, there are different steps to take when excess water is in your pool. If you have a cartridge filter, start by fitting your pool hose to the 3-way-valve and place the other end into an open gully trap or septic tank (this water needs to go into a waste-water system), before you turn the handle on the valve to divert water through the hose. Then, turn the pool pump on and adjust water to the right level.

If your pool has a sand filter, change your multi-port valve to its waste setting. Follow that step by turning the pool pump on and bring down the water to the right level to have the water re-circulate as it should.

Water Beneath the Pool

After heavy rain, be sure to check your standpipe/inspection pipe to ensure that water that has collected underneath the pool gets pumped out. By getting rid of this water, you prevent the occurrence of such problems as ‘floating’ hydrostatic valves. Consider the weather patterns in your location; if you are based somewhere that is often impacted by heavy rain, you will need to be more aware of water underneath your pool than those living in drier areas. One of two methods can be used to pump out the water underneath your pool. The first is to use your pool pump and skimmer box and the second is to use a Slurpy pump (a small pump available at hardware stores).

Re-balance your Pool

The water in your pool will be affected by heavy downpours, so it’s important to constantly check and log your water chemistry. After a period of heavy rain, the composition of your pool water – ie. minerals and chemicals – will have been diluted, so you will have to adjust the chemistry to return the water to the correct balance and keep it in tip-top condition. Make sure to check and adjust PH, total alkalinity, chlorine, stabiliser, sanitiser and calcium hardness where necessary. Contact your local pool shop to organize regular checks of your pool water, and regular pool cleans if you wish.

The maintenance tips mentioned above are important to remember at any time, but especially when your property has experienced significant rainfall. No matter the weather, your Pool Owners’ Manual is your perfect pool maintenance companion, so ensure you refer to it to maintain your specific pool correctly.

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