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PPR Pipes


Interplast PPR pipe and fittings are a hot and cold water supply system suitable for all potable water applications and heating systems. 

PPR pipes and fittings are considered to be the best carrier of potable water, using the revolutionary raw material of PPR-80 of Borouge brand. 

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PPR pipes are made with reference to the standard of DIN8077/8078 of Germany. 

There are three general types of polypropylene: homopolymer, random copolymer, and block copolymer.

The comonomer used is typically ethylene. Ethylene-propylene rubber or EPDM added to polypropylene homopolymer increases its low temperature impact strength. Randomly polymerized ethylene monomer added to polypropylene homopolymer decreases the polymer crystallinity and makes the polymer more transparent. 

Residential cold and hot water system 
Underground heating system 
Conveyor of industrial water and chemical materials 
Sanitary and pure water pipelines 
Hot water recycling system 
Compressed air pipelines 
Drink manufacturing and conveying system 
Other industrial and agricultural pipelines 

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Polypropylene random copolymers are thermoplastic resins produced through the polymerization of propylene, with ethylene links introduced in the polymer chain. The resins possess a broad range of characteristics and are used in a wide range of applications.


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Greywater Recycling

Unlike a rainwater collection systems, which depends on rainfall, greywater is in abundance on a daily basis and makes up around 50-80% of wastewater rejected into our sewers. Therefore, greywater recycling offers facilities the opportunity to reduce their water use by up to 50%.

Sources of greywater include, showers, baths, basins and washing machines. It may be infected with a range of soluble and insoluble (particulate) essence such as soaps, detergents, skin, saliva, dirt and lint. Any type of impurity, whether it is detergent, organic, microbial or particulate, must be treated suitably.

Greywater is usually safer to manage and easier to cure and reuse onsite for toilet flushing, landscape or crop irrigation, and other non-potable uses. Therefore, the use of non-toxic and low-sodium soap and personal care products is advised to protect vegetation when reusing greywater for irrigation aims.

True greywater systems are more complicated than simply capturing waste water in a bowl. Greywater allowed to flow from collection devices to the greywater treatment system via gravity or siphonic action. Surplus greywater shall be collected and discharged directly to the sewer.

Greywater treatment shall consist of the following components:
A. Pre-treatment
B. Biological treatment
C. Filtration
D. Disinfection

Pre-treatment would comprise a thin screen to remove hair, soap, and other particulate matter in the greywater. The screen will have a spacing of 2 mm.

In case the greywater is collected from kitchen sinks and dishwashers, pre-treatment will also include an oil and lubricant trap. An automatic oil and lubricant trap, where the oil is skimmed out automatically using a timer or sensor device, would be used.

The thin screen would preferably be of the self-cleaning type to restrict the dependence of the user cleaning the screen, to maintain system performance.

Biological treatment will be included to remove organic matter and other pollutants in the greywater. The most common types of biological treatment are biological aerated filter (BAF), rotating biological contactor (RBC), and sequencing batch reactors (SBR).

Filtration would be included to achieve the required effluent turbidity. Many types of filters are commercially available and they are capable of effecting high effluent quality standards on a small footprint.

Disinfection is required as the final treatment step. Chlorine is added to protect the water while in storage and the reticulation system – the only time any chemicals are used throughout the treatment process.

The disadvantage of recycled water is that some systems can be expensive. It may also need more maintenance than a regular sewer or septic system. Your soil may be too permeable or not permeable enough, and you may need to make adjustments.

Recycling water has many benefits; most apparently that it saves potable water. Apart from conserving potable water, greywater can admittedly be better for plant life. Greywater ordinarily contains detergents that have nitrogen or phosphorus, which are plant nutrients. Greywater also increases the life and capacity of your septic system since usage decreases. Recycling water saves money as well. With water costs increasing, many people who prefer to use greywater have lower monthly bills.

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Lorentz Submersible Pumps

Z&X Mechanical Installations Ltd is the chosen representative of LORENTZ PS helical rotor pumps in Cyprus.

LORENTZ PS helical rotor pumps are high quality products designed for drinking water supply, livestock watering and smaller irrigation applications. PS helical rotor pump systems deliver water economically, cleanly and reliably, anywhere.

The LORENTZ PS range of DC powered helical rotor pumps have been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using solar power. The helical rotor pump is simple, efficient and reliable, pumping water with very low levels of solar power from up to 450 m below the ground.

Each system consists of a pump, pump motor and a controller. This modular concept keeps all electronics above ground providing, simple servicing, ease of access and a low cost of ownership.


  • Long life expectancy and proven in service record
  • Designed for use in remote and harsh conditions
  • Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair
  • Water filled motors for reliability and to avoid oil contamination
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Cost effective spare parts philosophy
  • Very strong ROI against diesel powered pumping
  • Large range of pumps to closely match each application and optimise efficiency

For a free consultation and case study, feel free to contact us on +35726945222.

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Παγκύπρια Αγροτική – Γεωργική Έκθεση & Έκθεση Κήπου

“Πριν από οτιδήποτε άλλο, η προετοιμασία είναι το κλειδί για την επιτυχία” – Alexander Graham Bell

Είμαστε έτοιμοι για την παρουσίασή μας, στην Παγκύπρια Αγροτική – Γεωργική Έκθεση & Έκθεση Κήπου. Τα λέμε εκεί, αύριο στις 17:00.

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